Jan 16, 2024

Crafting Tomorrow's Marketers: Nile University Students Explore GAC's Abu Rawash Hub by Jameel Motors


In a pioneering effort to bridge the gap between academia and the dynamic world of automotive marketing, Jameel Motors recently hosted students from the 'Principles of Marketing' program at Nile University Business School at the GAC Motor Egypt showroom and service center in Abu Rawash. This event was not just a visit;it was a hands-on learning adventure carefully crafted to plunge these future marketers into the real-life challenges and innovations of the automotive industry.

The Collaboration: A Fusion of Education and Industry

Jameel Motors, renowned for its innovation in the automotive sector, has always been at the forefront of promoting educational initiatives. This collaboration with Nile University embodies their commitment to nurturing the next generation of marketing professionals. It provided a platform for students to experience the intricacies of automotive marketing and operations firsthand, a vital complement to their academic studies.

Exploring the GAC Motor Showroom

The showroom visit was a highlight for the students. GAC Motor, known for its technologically advanced and aesthetically appealing cars, offered them a close look at what makes a brand stand out in the highly competitive automotive market. The students explored various models, gaining insights into design elements, technological innovations, and market appeal.

Learning Marketing Strategies

This was not just an opportunity to admire the latest models but also to understand the strategies behind successful automotive marketing. Students engaged in discussions about market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive strategies, gaining a comprehensive view of the automotive marketing landscape.

Behind the Scenes at the Service Center

The visit to the service center was a deep dive into the operational side of the automotive industry. Here, students observed the intricate processes of car maintenance, customer service, and the logistics of running a high-efficiency service center.

Connecting Theory with Practice

Witnessing the day-to-day operations of the service center helped the students connect their theoretical knowledge from the classroom to practical applications in a real-world setting. This experience was invaluable in understanding the complexities and challenges of automotive service management.


The visit to GAC Motor's Abu Rawash Hub, hosted by Jameel Motors, was an eye-opening experience for the Nile University students. It provided them with a unique perspective on the automotive Market, blending academic knowledge with practical insights. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration between academia and Jameel MOTORS in shaping the future of professional education and the automotive sector.

For more details about this collaboration and the students' experiences, you can read our university's post on social media here.